there is light

a vivid sun…

though, ambivalence occupies the skies above

a soft rustle emanates closer—the pattering sounds of Zeus’ tears descending upon a vast canopy of leaves. on occasion, there’s a crescendo as branches bustle in accompaniment. these moments conclude as suddenly as they ensue


a visual symphony follows in adherence to the percussion of patters above. ripples glimmer as nature’s staccato continues on the water’s surface. they combat one another with fluid defiance as they attempt to further their journeys

challenge or cease

along the trail, an entangling of souls are reflected by nature’s movement, with footsteps paired but not partnered, enveloped by the scene surrounding

while refreshingly brisk, the tears cool and moods dampen

the light continues to break through, however, a thickening darkness threatens

emotions saturate the atmosphere

chaos abounds

yet, there is beauty…and hope abides as the tears soften and skies again brighten—a new canopy of color covers it…as two rainbows—companions—offer paths to treasures precious…

treasures, like the rainbows, forever present yet rarely seen

such is love in life.


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