the silent calling of blind love falls upon deaf ears,
as days turn into months, and months—years,
the grace that patient love offers is deterred,
as relationship retreats into fears recurred,

alone in a thickening fog among towering trees,
a despondent heart desires a love that it never sees,
uncontrollable circumstances draw its focus further away,
once beset and consumed by emotions that enable enemies sway,

arrogance and fear conspire to keep the heart disposed,
muddying what is clear with ears covered and eyes closed,
confusion of love as lust accommodates deceptions belying trust,
the failures of past claims of faithfulness still caustically robust,

absconded from a loving faithfulness possessing the utmost devotion,
as heart pursued rejects pursuer’s truth as ephemeral emotion,
that which is pure, caring, and composed is refused,
unwilling to risk companionship—so many times abused,

damage done by others leaves collateral undeservedly damned,
high gates stand reinforced from where previously rammed.

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