To say that a thing is good is merely to express our feeling about it; and our feeling about it is the feeling we have been socially conditioned to have.

But if this is so, then we might have been conditioned to feel otherwise. ‘Perhaps’, thinks the reformer or the educational expert, ‘it would be better if we were. Let us improve our morality.’ Out of this apparently innocent idea comes the disease that will certainly end our species (and, in my view, damn our souls) if it is not crushed; the fatal superstition that men can create values, that a community can choose its ‘ideology’ as men choose their clothes. Everyone is indignant when he hears the Germans define justice as that which is to the interest of the Third Reich. But it is not always remembered that this indignation is perfectly groundless if we ourselves regard morality as a subjective sentiment to be altered at will. Unless there is some objective standard of good, over-arching Germans, Japanese and ourselves alike whether any of us obey it or no, then of course the Germans are as competent to create their ideology as we are to create ours. If ‘good’ and ‘better’ are terms deriving their sole meaning from the ideology of each people, then of course ideologies themselves cannot be better or worse than one another. Unless the measuring rod is independent of the things measured, we can do no measuring. For the same reason it is useless to compare the moral ideas of one age with those of another: progress and decadence are alike meaningless words.

~C.S. Lewis, The Poison of Subjectivism, p. 73


a world claiming truth found solely in self,
within identities of limitless varieties,
an idol of independence placed upon a most prominent shelf,
while succumbing to sin and its subjectivities,

others may call out seeking Truth through revelation,
and argue true divinity versus human creativity,
yet, such argument requires means for comparative evaluation,
discerning fabrication from Truth in actuality,

but too often the filter of a proper faith is stubbornly refused,
and the means for evaluation and wise discernment dies,
self-found meanings and evil deceptions leave simple minds confused,
throwing pearls before swine, conceding the Truth for lies.

for with bad eyes, men stare where the dark and light contrast,
fashioning stories from the penumbra of sight’s shadows,
fictional explanations—purpose and meaning, their realities recast,
as eternal relationship is exchanged for mythical meadows,

and these eyes, accustomed to darkness and ambiguous light,
encourage unloving laws against an Authority greater,
with careless depictions, false prophets forever fight,
the true will and desire of reality’s Creator,

and by looking upon idols to falsely worship and praise,
blessings become curses, mankind’s rebellion persists,
with condemnation coming at the end of days,
bad eyes no longer denying that hell’s fire exists…

thus, be forewarned that bad eyes bring forth false words,
leaving pure Love unseen, and universal Truth unheard.


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