“A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.” ~ Mermillod

“The mother’s heart is the child’s schoolroom.” ~ Beecher

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” ~ Lincoln


This poem is to recognize and honor all those wonderful mothers out there; including my own mother whom I love very much.

for our mothers on this day of recognition,
please allow us to make this loving admission,
your love deserves more than one day a year,
and trust that our love for you is sincere,

the sacrifices that you make for us, the continuous care,
and yet we take it for granted, we are often unaware,
whether working or not, you give us your best,
and rarely, if ever, do we allow you to rest,
we fail to appreciate you as you dearly deserve,
so let us acknowledge just a few ways you serve,

you kiss our boo boos when we scrape our knees,
and teach us manners—to say thank you and please,
you make us eat our veggies though we give you grief,
then afterwards, you send us off to brush our teeth,

for nine plus months you carry us in your belly,
and yet you love us, even when we’re dirty and smelly,
unconditional is your love, no matter what we do,
changing our diapers when babies, no matter how nasty the poo,

you remember all of our “firsts” as if your own,
and reminisce about them with us when we’re grown,
our first steps, first words, and first crush,
and first moments that you knew would make us blush,
our first boyfriend or girlfriend, our first date and kiss,
there is nothing that escapes your watch—nothing that you miss,
and our childhood has been documented by you so well,
there are photos to corroborate every story you tell,

you take us to practices, recitals, dances, and games,
and you remember all of the other kids’ names,
we receive every opportunity to participate, to have fun,
you’d think we have many moms instead of just one,

you cherish our development and growth with each year,
even as we leave the nest and are no longer as near,
equipping us to be women and men, not girls and boys,
you allow us to follow our own path with confidence, with poise,

but you are never far away with your love, no matter the distance,
like a guardian angel from above, exists a constant vigilance,
and while we often disagree with your wisdom at a younger age,
now older, your words have become more like that of a sage,

and with words we should say more often—they’re true,
dear mothers, with all our hearts, we love you.


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