love let alone and languishing in its loyalty,
ever ready to allow for response, desiring reciprocity,
yet, while enduring, embattled is this angelic emotion,
when its affection meets rejection of its deepest devotion,

submerged, struggling to raise its head in raging river rapids roaring,
isolated in all moments as loved ones continue ignoring,
yearning to talk and have access for trust’s earning,
depressed in the other’s deception, believing themselves discerning,

the eye of the storm allows one to pretend,
given false peace before compassions again contend,
distracted in a despair that ensnares with the past,
without forgiveness and moving forward will the despair forever last,

and agonizing in the absence of a dear another,
yet, self-restraint prevents passionate pursuit of this lover,
a gloom gravitates, grows hard as granite, a shut door,
reluctantly pretending for now to ignore,

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