“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”  ~ Confucius, philosopher

“The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.” ~ Francis Bacon, philosopher

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”  ~ Omar Khayyam, poet

the water lily opening its petals as if arms outstretched prior to an embrace,
welcoming the light and warmth that slips past the darkness with sunrise,
morning’s meaning accentuated by its sudden vulnerability.
a new start with the coming day…

the soft caressing breeze on a brisk September evening,
with the subtle swaying sound of rolling waters.
the ocean’s scent of salt and seaweed canvassing the dusk,
as its hue deepens into darkness…

the subdued sun, retreating after its daily duty,
producing a purple silhouette for majestic mountains,
bestowing a regal presence with its aura,
clouds come to serve as a cape,
and shadows that bring a growing darkness serve as hands,
with night arriving as though by royal decree…

her eyes, green yet brown—sometimes a tinge of copper in the right light,
and eyelashes that reach out to hold your complete attention.
a smile that is capable of correcting wrongs…

a tender hug. a forgiving embrace. a loving thought.
selfless action. character and integrity.
simple words and actions that reconcile, suffering subdued.
pain perishes after perseverance provides prosperity.
joy springs forth as souls see one another once more…

and He is there in the midst of all beauty. He is where glory presents itself.
He watches over His creation and celebrates it by sharing it with us—
His creation…

a relationship that allows relationship.

a love that leads to love.

a sacrifice that leads to salvation.

a resurrection that leads to redemption…

and healing…

and restoration…

and adoption…

moments of beauty.

brought about by Love.

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