“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” ~Roger Miller

“The drops of rain make a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by oft falling.” ~Lucretius

Originally posted on Facebook, August 9, 2009

Hydrogen Dioxide, H2O, is a fascinating element, able to change into multiple physical states, optimally responding to the environment in which it finds itself. It is like the popular aunt or uncle, who shows up at the family reunion and innately knows how to bring harmony and joy; metamorphasizing with every interaction to uniquely bring sought-after value to all engagements. They bring life to the party. That, too, is Hydrogen Dioxide in a nutshell.

Without H2O, there is no party. Nobody mingles. Nobody plays. There is no joy. There is no life. It immerses us, through the air we breathe and the water we drink. It is a part of us, quite literally; nearly 70 percent of us in fact. It is what gives us life. There may never have been a more aptly used metaphor as when Jesus offers himself as “life-giving water,” where we shall never thirst.

Water is the bondo of our reality. Jesus is the bondo between our reality and the much larger reality of which God rules. If we illustrate this relationship with an Euler diagram, our reality would be a speck within an infinitely larger circle. Yet, while we are only a speck, Jesus comes to us regardless. As much a part of us in this larger reality as water is to us in our reality, He provides a harmony and joy only accessible through heavenly means. Where the popular uncle often goes home after the family gathering concludes, Jesus never leaves us.

But where that favorite Aunt or Uncle always seem to bring joy in the form of some happiness; not so with Jesus. Just like water, He comes in many states for many reasons, based on the environment He finds himself. Sometimes, He comes to us via rain drops…

Rain is something that has always brought awe into my life. Sometimes it is unwelcomed. Other times, it is celebrated. Regardless, it leaves me in awe. As if there is a sprinkler system in the heavens, water manifests from a perceived nothingness. Yes, it is present in another state, but it isn’t visible or accessible to touch. Still, we feel its coming, sensing it with the same instincts of which other creatures appear to be more attuned.

A rain drop is insignificant, but as rain drops, its impact is limitless. Rain drops can change terrain and provide grain. They are change catalysts.

I was the child whose mother yelled at him for standing in the rain sans umbrella. Why would I want to shelter myself from such a beautiful thing? On a hot summer day, an afternoon shower brought a refreshing reprieve from the sun’s relentless glare. In a drought, it provides sustenance. And for me, when I am sad, it provides consolation. It reminds me of all the good that comes from events and occurrences that may not have been desired.

When a rain drop hits a puddle of water, it causes a ripple. There is chaos. Eventually, things come to rest again. Once again there exists peaceful contentment, but now that rain drop has become part of the puddle. From that small moment of chaos came growth…

…so is it with all interactions; especially relationships. Our interactions with others supplies us with growth in both the reality we understand, and that greater reality of which only God fully comprehends. Relationships sometimes are welcomed, other times not. Yet all allow us to grow. Just because we may not embrace some relationships, does not mean that those relationships are not for our betterment. And sometimes relationships move in a direction not desired, but again, that too may be to our benefit…

…accept that there will be chaos. It is unavoidable. So too, realize that predicting the loss or gain from such chaos is a highly inexact science, and the only way to know the result is to have it in the rear view mirror…

…We all have our own thoughts and opinions of God, trying to fill in the blanks with that which He has not yet revealed to us; accepting our personal extrapolations as Truth. However, to do so is no different than creating speculations on limited evidence: There is no verification as to its legitimacy until (or if) God chooses to provide it.

In the end, we’re just puddles of water. We cannot change ourselves, but need wait for the rain drops to fall in our lives…

…and while we may not always want it, the rain is good…


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