Posted on Facebook–January, 2008

It has always been one of my personal goals to be somebody that other people can trust. To this end, it is important to be consistent with four behavioral traits…and to use a pre-existing, coined term…we’ll call these traits “The Four Knights.”

The Four Knights are Honesty, Loyalty, Responsiveness, and Thoughtfulness.

If you speak to someone, and always speak the truth to them; eventually (hopefully), that person will believe what you tell them…even if it seems hyperbole.

If serious disagreements or contrasting, philosophical approaches to a matter arise between you and another person, and you continue to be there for that person…when times are tough, that person will come looking for you.

If someone needs a response from you, whether in word or action, and you respond at your earliest, that person will see you as someone that values them, and will put more weight on what you end up saying or doing than they would likely do otherwise.

If you are the person who is proactive, and sees a way to add value in the life of someone else, those impacted will consider you someone who think things through and has everyone’s best intentions at heart.

…if you want to simplify these traits, they all fall into one: LOVE.

Love is a behavioral trait, an emotional state, a way of life…AND, “God IS Love.”

When asked the greatest commandment, Jesus used the one commandment that if followed will inherently lead you to obey ALL the commandments: Love God and love your neighbor. Without going into the parable of the Good Samaritan, your “neighbor” is whomever you come into contact with in any given day…

So how do people learn to trust someone? Consistent contact and consistent love–legitimate investment in someone. Many people, myself included, possess an analytical side to them. I know for myself, that sometimes I use the logic “I believe I’m trustworthy for X reasons, they should trust me.” Or, as a Christian, we are speaking what we have come to know as undeniable Truth, and yet the person we are speaking to is not accepting the Truth as such. We cannot take shortcuts…Trust takes time.

…Why is it that people are (typically) more trusting of family and friends? Your family and friends (or at least I’d like to think this) love you and you’ve had enough exposure over your life with these people to see where they are consistent and put that trust in them…or vice versa…if they have areas they are inconsistent, we do not put our trust in them regarding those matters. Basically, we KNOW them.

So too, must people get to KNOW Jesus and KNOW the Father, before they Trust in Him…

What I believe makes it hard for many people to Trust God, is that they do not see Love in their lives that is consistent with believing in a God of Love. How can we help them? By being the reflection of Christ in this world, and bestowing love onto those with whom we come into contact; maintaining those relationships with the intent of bringing these people into a relationship with God…not solely for the personal satisfaction of bringing more praise and glory to our God, but also out of love for the person with whom we are invested…sometimes it seems that we miss that last part.

Also, people take that which they do not understand in this world…the corruption, greed, hate, pain and suffering…and associate it to what they see as an unjust God. This illustrates another reason why trust in God is more difficult than another person. There is NO WAY we can understand what God is doing in our life or the lives of others at all times (or, for that matter, most times). Our God is omnipotent…I am amazed if I could make it through one day without help coming from somewhere. Therefore, our trust must be, at least in part, blind. As Jesus said to Thomas (and I’m paraphrasing), “Blessed are those who cannot see, yet come to believe.”

…And what is the primary way that others will be able to get a glimpse of our Lord…He of infinite love.  Through our lives, actions, behaviors…the love of His that we bring into this world…and that we openly share.

…Let’s show more understanding, compassion, patience, love, forgiveness, persistence, and perseverance. Let’s be people others can trust, and when they see that we KNOW Him, maybe they too will get to KNOW Him, and Trust Him as we do…

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