I’ll wait…

Though patience is not my strength,
I’m not alone in the equation,
Agonizing over an indefinite length,
Reaching out is such temptation,

But I’ll wait…

To believe that love pursues,
But be told to slam the brakes,
Oh! My mind it does confuse,
And my body convulses—shakes,

But, I’ll wait…

It would be nice to understand,
The logic being used,
To emotionally withstand,
Being psychologically abused,


I’ll wait…

The separation leaves the mind to wander,
In ways that can be caustic,
How can love keep from another?
Should we run a diagnostic?


I will wait…

Please just talk to me,
Treat me as your friend,
Can we just both agree,
To have this silence end?

Please end this wait…

Though I WILL wait…

Because YOU are worth the wait.

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