Posted on Facebook–June, 2008

The glassy reflection of life presents itself off your eyes,
As in nature, no sharp edges, but amorphous shapes in every size,
A puzzle with pieces that never quite fit nicely into place,
Rather a chaotic collection of interwoven threads held together by grace,

And yet, I try to make sense of that inherently ambiguous,
With a fervor for answers unanswerable pungent and contagious,
Like a hamster on a wheel, traveling but going nowhere fast,
Is a sinister silence promulgated by pains of an unforgiven past,

Where the healing words of forgiveness were forgotten or unheard,
And Satan works quietly to have for him susceptible souls to be lured,
Saying sorry for some things cannot remove the anguish of past action,
But without mutual forgiveness, both parties lose for each a heavenly traction,

Without the bestowing of undeserved love to those who have done wrong,
Not one on this earth right now would have life with Him an eternity long.

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