Written May 4th, 2014

walking languidly along a well-trodden trail,
thoughts scurry for purpose but to no avail,
through the rustling of leaves from nearby trees,
Your voice is like a whisper traversing amidst the breeze,

though gently caressing, it convicts to the core,
words of Truth and Love impossible to ignore,
failing to live loyally to either drives me to tears,
too often succumbing to a myriad of fears,

remorse consumes my conscience and I fall to my knees,
my constant failings debilitate me as affected by disease,
a Word said softly, but more powerful than any fate,
You control all things, both the minuscule and the great,

the skies darken as evening descends and I listen intently,
as Your voice continues to whisper to me gently,
“Repent and believe that I will meet your every need,
even if all you possess is the faith of a mustard seed,”

though You have seen my every fault, You grant me grace,
there is no malice in Your Words, not even a trace,
lovingly, You lift me up and return me aright,
You entreat that I walk with You amidst the moonlight,

like a dove in the sky, I now float along the way,
now seeing through Your eyes, there is nothing to say,
embraced by Your love, I am reminded of my worth,
as if a phoenix arisen from ashes, I experience rebirth,

and as the sun peeks out from behind the horizon, I now have peace,
knowing that I am loved with a love that will never cease.

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